Making the Right Decisions


Before you make the decision to build a new home, you should first understand the building process. Bill Weber, Jr. Homes will help you learn what to expect and how to achieve your goals with the least amount of problems.


Home buyers today want little or no maintenance, energy efficient homes with modern amenities.


Many people purchasing new construction do so because they feel they will get the best investment for their money.


At Bill Weber, Jr. Homes, we are committed to ensuring your new home will be not only the best, but an enduring investment in your future!


When Is The Least Expensive Time To Build?


In some areas, property taxes can be a savings to you if you start construction shortly after January 1st. For instance, if you start construction the first of the year and complete your home in April, you will pay taxes on your lot only for that year. That could save you several thousand dollars by not having to pay taxes on your new home for 8 months.




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