Custom Homes

The Bill Weber, Jr. Custom Home Building Experience

Helping You Enjoy Building Your Home since 1995


It used to be that designing a custom-built home could take a year or more.Homeowners would swap horror stories about how stressful it was. They had to plan every little detail, without any guidance. Costs would skyrocket. Every requested change during construction would be met with annoyance and a higher invoice.

Bill Weber, Jr. Custom Homes has changed all of that.  Full Bathroom Without Tub.

For over 25 years, Bill Weber, Jr. has helped homeowners design and build homes they love.  Homeowners enjoy the process as much as they love moving into their brand new, luxurious yet affordable home.

That’s because we’ve developed an organized system that simply works.

It puts you, the homeowner, in charge of the important decisions and educates you along the way. After all, your home is your biggest financial investment. You should love building it in a way that fits your life now and leaves you room to dream for your future. When you choose us to build your home, you’ll see and understand the level of quality that goes in to making your home last and grow in value.

Our organized process ensures that every house is built to our exacting standards. It helps eliminate the dreaded decision fatigue that faces so many homeowners as they’re building. Most importantly, it keeps your home on time and on budget.

How to Build a Custom Home

We’ll walk the lot with you before you purchase it. You’ll learn about any design or architectural limitations of the lot. We’ve worked around tricky soil conditions, torrential rains, and awkward lot layouts and can help save you hassle by avoiding troublesome locations. We can also advise you on the placement of the home, driveway, exposures, walkouts, and more. Find your own lot, or choose one of ours.  View available lots here.
Select from our well-appointed home plans, bring your own plan, or work with us to draft a completely custom home design. Talk to us about how you plan to use the spaces in your house, what kind of features matter most to you, and how you see yourself using the home years down the road. We keep your budget in mind as you make your selections and educate you throughout the process. View our plans here.
Whether you want a traditional home or a trend-setting home, we’re happy to help make your vision reality. We understand you’re probably not an expert at choosing paint colors and cabinet finishes, or coordinating flooring and tile options. Odds are, you have preferences about the general look you’re going for, though! We’ll happily answer your questions and offer advice so you create a cohesive look that says “welcome home.” With our expert, in-person guidance, you’ll select your cabinets, countertops, flooring, and paint colors. Making these decisions now keeps your project on budget and on time. However, we know and expect that you’ll make some changes during the construction phase. We do our best to “say yes” to your requests. Need ideas? Visit our gallery of completed homes.
You’ll know exactly how much your custom home costs ahead of time. Local subcontractors give us their best prices because they trust us to pay on time and communicate well with them. Our goal is to always give you the best value for your money. See what’s included.

We offer turn-key financing so you don’t need to get a separate construction loan before we break ground. Turn-key means you pay a deposit up front, we build to your specs and plan, and then you get house. We also do construction loans if that is your preference.

We have an amazing success rate of moving homeowners in on time. Our organized building process makes the best use of our time without sacrificing quality. We guarantee your home will be ready for occupancy within 120 business days of the start date. We will give you an exact date once we have the roof on.