About Us

You’ll enjoy building your home with Bill Weber, Jr. Homes

Your home will be built the right way. That’s our guarantee.

You’ve got great reasons for building your home. Maybe you want to build your own home to make the best investment with your money.

Or you want a new home with little to no maintenance, a home that’s energy efficient with modern amenities. You want a home that fits your lifestyle and can grow with you.

But you don’t want move-in delays, shady contractors, or too many confusing options. You don’t want the price you’re quoted to go up when you finally get the keys to your brand new house. Covid-19 has been causing major problems in the supply chain. We have the experience and knowledge to minimize the impact this will have on your home building experience. Hiring a contractor with years of experience is key to having a good building experience at this day in age. 

At Bill Weber, Jr. Homes, we believe you deserve better when it comes to building your custom home. You’ll know your move-in date early on in the process. We’ll explain the building process so you can know what to expect and how to achieve your goals with the least amount of problems.

We only hire local subcontractors with the highest reputations, companies whose owners are personally on the job site each day. And even though we trust our teams to do fantastic work, we still visit each construction site every day. For us, doing the best work the right way matters all the time, whether it’s work you can see or not.

It’s Bill Weber, Jr.’s integrity and unwavering commitment to enduring quality that has meant dream homes built for so many. We’re committed to ensuring your new home will not only be the best possible house, but it will be an enduring investment in your future! What will your home look like? Call us today and we’ll help you envision your ideal home.

History of Bill Weber, Jr. Homes

Founded and incorporated in 1995, Bill Weber, Jr. Homes has always been committed to quality, efficiency, and organization.

Bill got his start in the real estate and construction industry in 1985. On their nights and weekends, Bill and Laura flipped houses to rent and sell. When their family grew, they wanted their nights and weekends back. They decided to build homes full time and never looked back! Now, their sons work with them, along with skilled carpenters and a trusted team of tradesmen.

Our favorite part is handing over the keys to the new house—knowing that every last detail was taken care of with excellence.

We can’t wait to make your home dream come true!