Wisconsin Homes Exterior Design Trends in 2021

Designing your new home is an exciting endeavor because there are so many ways you can customize your home’s curb appeal. From the landscaping to the roofline and everywhere in between, here are the trends in exterior home design we’re seeing in 2021.

A “Lot” to Decide

Before you get too far along in designing the overall look of your house, you need to know which subdivision you want to live in. The subdivision where you choose to live will dictate a number of options available to you. It’s common for Madison and Sun Prairie area subdivisions to set your lot size and create very specific deed restrictions in order to give neighborhoods a cohesive look.

Depending on your subdivision, you may be required to use a certain amount of stone or LP siding on the front of your house. You will also need to follow requirements about how many feet must be between your house and your neighbors, and how far away your house can be from the street. Even your exterior siding and paint colors may be subject to your subdivision’s rules.

When you know the look and size of the home you want, look for a lot that will help you display your home’s best features. Make sure that you are buying a large enough lot size to accommodate the footprint of your home. Consider what you’d like to do in your yard and how you envision enjoying it ten or more years from now.

For example, many people want a lot that is at least large enough to play catch in their back yard. Or they want to be able to invite friends and family over for bonfires around a custom-built fire pit. Some want to have a walk out basement that leads to a patio and warm sunset views, while others prefer stepping out onto a deck or opening their kitchen windows to a bright sunrise.

We’ll help you determine if the subdivision and lot you’re considering can accommodate the type of house you envision living in. We’ve been building homes in Madison, Sun Prairie, Windsor, DeForest, Verona, Middleton, Fitchburg, and Oregon for decades — so we’re very familiar with all types of subdivision rules and regulations.

We will “walk the lot” with you before you purchase your land so that you can be sure you can build the home of your dreams.

Distinguished Roof Lines

Once you’ve made your lot choice and know whether your home exterior needs to meet certain requirements, you can get started designing your home, starting with your roof line.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of roof you want: metal roof or shingle roof.

Metal roofs are becoming more popular lately and it’s easy to see why. They’re more environmentally friendly than shingles, require very low maintenance, and offer numerous color and design options. They boost property value because they are more durable with a much longer life span. However, they can be significantly more expensive than shingles. Many custom home builders use a mix of both shingles and metal.

Next, create a visually interesting roof line with metal roof accents of different roof pitches and colors. Metal roof comes in tin, copper, zinc and bronze. You can also choose other colors, such as white, blue, red or green. You also have many different shape options, such as a portico roof, turret top, porch roof, bay roof, and eyebrow dormer.

Bold Siding Color Choices & Textures

The next color and material choice you’ll make is the siding. We’re continuing to see people shift away from light grey, tan, and other light neutral siding colors in favor of deeper, darker exterior siding.

LP SmartSide is becoming a popular choice over traditional vinyl siding. LP SmartSide is engineered wood. It gives homeowners a broader range of colors to choose from, especially the more popular darker colors such as deep grey and black. It also has a classic wood-grain finish. Just as homeowners are looking to bring the look of nature indoors in 2021, they also want the outside of their home to look like it was built with more natural materials.

While LP SmartSide is more expensive than vinyl, it has a higher R-value, which means it is more energy efficient. LP SmartSide also adds to the home’s resale value because it is more durable than vinyl under harsh weather conditions. And we all know that south central Wisconsin weather conditions can be harsh — from hot summers or bone-chilling winters, strong winds, driving rains or golf-ball sized hail, we’ve got it all!

Vertical vs. Horizontal Siding

For a while, it seemed like every homeowner was installing siding horizontally. But lately, that trend has been changing. We’re seeing more homeowners choose vertical siding or mixing the direction of the siding based on other architectural elements of the house. We expect this trend to continue well beyond 2021.

Vertical Board and Batten (BNB) siding is especially popular with people who enjoy the “modern farmhouse” aesthetic. Historically used on farmhouses, BNB siding alternates wider planks (boards) with narrow planks (battens).

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Contrasting Windows

Another popular trend that we believe will continue beyond 2021 is windows with black fiberglass sashes. Homeowners are choosing black instead of white vinyl to highlight their beautiful, large windows.

Determine Which Exterior Details Matter Most

Before you get started designing your home, meet with your lender so you know your budget. Your budget will help you determine how many of your wish-list customizations will be possible. You can have a beautiful, unique, on-trend home within your budget!

Almost every homeowner we work with has to make some compromises as they design their home. Our expertise is in knowing how to work within your budget to help you achieve the look that you love.

Decide which features are non-negotiable. Is a metal roof a must-have? How about black window sashes? Would you be disappointed if your roof line has less dramatic angles so you can afford the pricier LP SmartSide? Show us pictures of homes you like so we can help you determine which details matter the most to you. Remember, this is YOUR home to design the way you want it. We’ll help you stay within budget in other areas so you can have as many of your must-haves as possible!

At Weber Homes, we don’t just manage your expectations. We help you exceed your expectations!