" ...our gratitude"

Dear Laura and Bill,


The check for the final payment on the Poplar Grove Road home is enclosed, along with our gratitude for and pleasure in this very "livable" home that you built for us.


We appreciate the fine features it provides and have enjoyed the positive comments of family and friends who have visited us this summer.


We have waited until the landscaping was done to write, but we have wanted you to know that we think you have a fine staff and crew at Bill Weber Jr. Homes, Inc. From the beginning, with Jeff and Carmen on through the ending achievements, we have felt we were in friendly and competent hands.


Thank you so much for the basket of products and gift certificates to Pizza Hut! It was very thoughtful of you to get us off to a good start!


Sincerely yours,

Gary and Sandy Bubenzer

" ... truly appreciate the fine work"

Bill, Laura & Co.,


Thank you so much for all your hard work on our home. We truly appreciate the fine work that you did to make it such a beautiful home.


Thank You!


–Kent & Theresa Thrasher

"The house is exactly what we envisioned ... "

Dear Bill & Laura,


We would like to Thank You for the wonderful job you did on our house! We just love it! The house is exactly what we envisioned; open layout lots of windows for natural light and very spacious. We have had many people comment on how well the layout flows.


It's very obvious that the quality of work is very high. With the number of rain storms we've had and the fact that the ground was too wet for rough grading to be done we thought we may have some water in the basement. It was nice to see a dry basement every time, even when we had one puddle a foot and a half high against the concrete.


We heard so many horror stories from friends and relatives about building, it was nice that we have a different story to tell. I think people are surprised when we say we would do it again without thinking twice. Every thing was done to our satisfaction and the house was even done on time!


Working with Kelly was a delight and she helped us any way she could. Its not easy making so many choices about something you will own for at least twenty years. She even went to the brick yard and flooring store to help us out. She made lots of good suggestions when we could not decide what to do. She is a real asset to your company.


If you would like to show our house to potential customers please feel free to give us a call or use us as a referral.


Thank You for not only building us a house but for building us a 'HOME'!


–Tina & Peter Anhalt

"... many compliments and positive comments."

Dear Laura & Bill,


Just wanted to wish you and your growing family & growing business all the best to come.


We are very happy to be moved into our new home; and have had many compliments and positive comments. We are very satisfied with the outcome.


That's a real winning combination with you and your realtor, Kelly Bennett of First Weber. Not that you don't already know; Kelly is such an invaluable asset to your business, as well as a super person. We think the world of her, and kind of think of her as family now.


Best wishes again to you all and thanks much for everything.




–Eric & Sharon Horning

"Made building a home easy and exciting."

We thought that building a home would be extremely stressful. Bill Weber, Jr. Homes and their staff made building a home easy and exciting.


–Chris and Clair Haroldson

"They took all the worries out of building."

With all the worries and horror stories you hear about building a home, we were reassured of hassle free, quality workmanship by Bill Weber, Jr. Homes. They took all the worries out of building. There were no waits for contractors, no delays, and a steady line of communication between us and the builder. Bill Weber, Jr. Homes actually care about their work and the people they do it for. They have quality workmanship and their employees are the most customer oriented, friendly people we have worked with. We've been in our home for almost a year and absolutely love it. We are still amazed that Bill Weber, Jr. takes the time out to talk with us just to see how it's going. Building a home should be a wonderful experience, not one to be dreaded. Bill Weber, Jr. Homes made it wonderful for us.


Thank you Bill Weber, Jr. Homes!


–Troy, Erin, and Ty Hefty


" ... pleasant and enriching experience building with you."

Dear Bill,


Thank you for the professional approach, construction, and closing of our house. It was a pleasant and enriching experience building with you. Compliments to all the teams involved for a job well done!


We are enjoying the new house and are looking forward to doing business with you again.


–Kobus & Tania Rossouw


" ... guided us through the process."

Jeff & Carmen – Bill & Laura:


My family and I would like to take this belated opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for not only the home we are enjoying, but also the efforts spent in helping secure it for us. The thoughts about where we would be right now if the First Wisconsin Mortgage group had "misled us" right out of the home we thought was ours are bone chilling....


I will never forget the lessons learned.


Jeff and Carmen... From the moment we first talked about acquiring a home through you, you took us homeowner "rookies" under your wing and guided us through the process. When things got tough, you had both arms swinging before we ever knew the fight was on. We can't thank you enough for your efforts. You truly approached this task with a "We've got to get those folks into that house" attitude. Thanks!


Bill and Laura... Your organization and organizational skills are certainly a benefit to those who live under the roof of one of your efforts. I have had several opportunities lately to tour homes under construction by other builders. Trust me, it didn't take visiting other sites to appreciate the overall quality of our home... But it certainly adds a bit more pride to the phrase "We have a Bill Weber Jr. home."


The lawn crew finished our lot this past week, which brings the construction phase to a close. Tuesday 6/26 I removed the last items from the 'ol apartment. We had until the end of June, so we took full advantage of a leisurely move!


Now.... To PAY for the place! ! !


Thanks again.


–Ken, Becky, Sydney, Samantha and Spencer


P.S. Please stop by when you are in the neighborhood... Our door is always open to the folks who made "our door" possible.


" We are enjoying our new home and neighborhood very much."

Dear Bill,


We want to thank you and your staff for the beautiful house you built which is now our home. We are enjoying our new home and neighborhood very much. Thank you also for the nice gifts that were included in our home. We especially enjoyed the chocolates and eating out at Pizza Hut. We had a great building experience with your company.


–Truly, Hiep & Lisa


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